Briar Capital is a financial service platform dedicated to propelling diverse investment strategies across pivotal sectors. We design our strategies to stimulate steady growth in both established and emerging businesses through calculated mergers, acquisitions and strategic innovations. Our accomplished partners come with diverse backgrounds, their experience spread across multiple sectors as consultants, scholars, and high-ranking corporate professionals. Our team joins forces with exceptional entrepreneurs and luminaries worldwide. This collaboration yields innovation-oriented solutions across chronic disease management, lifestyle enhancements, beauty improvement, anti-aging procedures, superior pet healthcare services and clean energy initiatives.

Our investment strategies build our portfolio covering the entire value chain of healthcare, including pet care, and clean energy sectors. In addition to traditional healthcare, including diagnostics and treatment, medical devices, research services, manufacturing and distribution, disease management, we also invest in lifestyle improvement areas, including beauty, anti-aging solutions, and pet healthcare. We are particularly interested in new energy solutions that offer improved efficiency, sustainability, and have a lower environmental impact.

Our Mission:

To construct a world-class investment portfolio nurturing strong partnerships with leading entrepreneurs and scientists;

To spur commercial growth and positive social impact through a reliable commitment to innovation, sustainability, and responsible growth;

To safeguard our fiduciary duty through delivering superior returns for our investors.