BEVERLY, Mass. & CANTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sage Science, a developer of products for improving sample preparation processes in life science applications, and Universal Sequencing Technology today announced a distribution agreement to improve scientists’ access to long-range genomic information produced from short-read sequencing platforms. Through the agreement, Sage Science will distribute Universal Sequencing Technology’s TELL-Seq kits to biologists in the U.S., including to users of its HLS-CATCH™ technique for targeting and analyzing large genomic elements.

The HLS-CATCH method uses Cas9 enzymology with the SageHLS instrument to purify large genetic targets directly from cells. The process yields intact genomic regions that are up to 500 kilobases in length, preserving them for analysis with targeted sequencing. TELL-Seq kits can be used to barcode molecules for linked-read analysis that makes it possible to characterize long-range information from short-read sequencing platforms. Together, the methods allow scientists to extract high molecular weight DNA — such as an entire gene — and generate data about structural variants and haplotype that would be difficult to access with a conventional short-read sequencing technique.

“We are committed to helping scientists generate better and more cost-effective results from existing DNA analysis technologies through improved sample prep workflows,” said Chris Boles, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Sage Science. “By distributing TELL-Seq kits to our SageHLS users and other researchers, we can leverage the enormous installed base of short-read sequencers and empower genomic scientists to produce long-range genomic data.”

The TELL-Seq kit can be used with very low sample inputs for de novo DNA sequencing. The whole procedure can be carried out easily in a PCR tube without the need for expensive instrumentation.

“The partnership with Sage Science not only creates another sales distribution channel for our TELL-Seq WGS Library Prep Kits, but it will also lead to an expanded product roadmap with linked-read kits customized for specific genomic targets,” said Tom Chen, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Universal Sequencing Technology.

Sage Science will be presenting results from an analysis of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes using the HLS-CATCH method and TELL-Seq kits at its virtual booth at the upcoming annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics, taking place Oct 27-30.

About Sage Science

Sage Science is a privately held company based in Beverly, Mass., that develops life sciences products to ease the burden and improve the quality of DNA sample preparation processes for molecular biology applications. Sage Science products are built on the idea that science is more robust and reliable when it is based on high-precision, automated, reproducible technology instead of manually intensive steps that introduce variability and error.

About Universal Sequencing Technology

Universal Sequencing Technology was established by a group of NGS technology veterans. UST is dedicated to the development of the most advanced, cost-effective, long-read, DNA sequencing technologies. Currently, UST has filed a total of 25 provisional patent applications covering linked long-read library preparation chemistry, single cell sequencing cell capture and library preparation chemistry and groundbreaking 3rd generation DNA sequencing technology. UST is poised to lead the next wave of DNA sequencing innovations.